Women’s Tall Jeans

Finding women’s tall jeans used to be a problem in pre-internet days. Unless you lived in or near a large urban population, the local market was probably just not large enough to support a store specializing in women’s tall jeans. Online commerce has allowed manufacturers and retailers to focus on “worldwide niches” and profit from them. Any niche, viewed from a worldwide perspective, no longer looks small and makes a business viable.

Women's Tall Jeans

Designer jeans for tall women are a case in point. Although many of the smaller manufacturers are making all of their jeans with a 32” or even a 34” inseam (see Hem Mayhem) in order to cover a wider market with less inventory, you’ll still find it easier to shop for women’s tall jeans online. It’s so much faster to click through offerings on the internet than it is to go from rack to rack, and from store to store. What’s more, there are great resources dealing with tall women’s clothing, not just jeans, just a click away.

Remember that traditional brick and mortar retailers stock what they can sell best. Their biggest worry is having merchandise that “doesn’t move”. Sales per square foot of store space is a basic parameter in commerce, so they will tend to cater to the broadest market. It is very unlikely that a store that is not specialized in tall womens clothing would stock a large variety of womens tall jeans.

You can get 37 inch brands like Lucky Brand, BKE, Silver and more. You’ll also find some great options in extra long jeans from Diesel, AG Jeans, Hudson, 7 For All Mankind, and Blue Cult at, CoutureCandy or at Nordstrom.

Shopping in the man’s department or buying custom made jeans need not be your only options any longer. Honestly, you would think that designer clothing for a tall woman would be easy to find, given the proportions of the average model!

Be that as it may, lets go through some simple principles that will help you look your best. You do not need to create the “illusion” of a long, lean look. It’s already there! You may wish to temper it, and that is accomplished with emphasis on horizontal breaks and some other “tricks”:

  • Indulge in horizontal patterns
  • Revel in a great selection of wide belts (Ohhh, the envy!!)
  • Avoid single color outfits
  • Luxuriate in textured fabrics
  • Short skirts, accessorized with knee high boots work well
  • Avoid skirts that are too long, they will make a tall girl just seem taller
  • If you are tall and slim, avoid dark outfits
  • Go for flared skirts (the flare breaks the verticality)
  • Avoid skirts that are too short
  • Low rise jeans, boot cut or flared, will look great

Whatever you do, don’t hunch over. Be proud of your glorious height! And don’t be afraid to wear heels when the outfit and occasion cries for them. Low riders sometimes just look grungy.


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