Turn your old jeans into a swing

With old clothes you can do many things and today we bring you these recycling crafts so you can reuse your disused clothes doing something fun for your children.

With these recycling crafts, you will see how to make a swing (better said, two) from jeans that small children can play in or one for an older child. To start, it is important to define the place where the swings will be hung to know the length of the rope. Remember that the total length you will need for the rope should be four times the length of the swing so that it hangs at the proper distance from the ground.

The procedure for doing these recycling crafts is very simple. No need to sew, just cut and pass the rope through a tube to make it stiff. Read on to discover more of this craft with which the children of the house will have a lot of fun.

You need

  • Rope
  • Spout
  • Paper tape
  • Old jeans
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Pen
how to do a home hammock materials

Procedure to separate the pieces of the two swings

1. Take the measurement of the small swing taking into account the size of the child who is going to use it. Then, mark with a ballpoint pen on both legs the exact place where you will make the cut.

how to make a home hammock measure

2. Once you have measured and marked the length, proceed to cut the jean legs at the corresponding marks.

how to make a homemade hammock cut

3. After cutting, you will have the upper part on one side and the legs on the other. With the upper part you will be able to make the swing for the small child and with one of the legs you will make the seat for a bigger child. The thickness of the rope will depend on the weight of the child, as will the seat. It is a good idea to reinforce the swing using both legs of the jean so that it can hold more weight.

4. Line the tip of the tubes with two or three turns of paper tape. When making the last turn, make two cuts on the sides to make it easier to fold the tape into the tube; with this you will avoid that the friction cuts the rope. The pipes will serve to give rigidity to the swings.

how to make a homemade hammock tape the ends of pipes

Up to this point, recycling crafts have the same procedure for both swing models.

Procedure to make the swing for a small child

1. Present one of the tubes on the side of the jean. You must pass that pipe through the inside of the waist of the jean.

When choosing the diameter of the tube, it is important to ensure that it passes through the inside of the waist and, in turn, that the rope passes through the inside of the pipe.

How to make a homemade swing: Locate the pipes for the assembly of the swing.

2. Once you have located them, make a small cut at the waist of the jean to insert one of the tubes. Make another equal cut at the other end.

How to make a homemade swing: Put the pipe on the waist of the cowboy

3. Once you have passed the tube, you can pass the rope. When you’ve passed the rope through both tubes, the swing is ready!

How to make a homemade swing: Pass the rope through the pipe

With this step of the recycling crafts the small swing will be ready to hang and the children can begin to enjoy it.

Although the fabric of the jeans has a lot of resistance and the tubes give it firmness, it also supervises the boy so that he does not lean too much to either side.

How to make a homemade swing: finished swing

Procedure to make the swing for an older child

1. Present one of the jean’s legs well stretched and place the two remaining tubes on top.

How to make a homemade swing: Adapt it for a big child

2. Make a small cut on each side where you have placed the tubes to pass them. Keep in mind that the hole has to be the size of the tube and not larger, so that it does not come out with the movement of the swing. To make it easier, you can place the tubes inside the jean leg and make the cuts, or pass the tubes after making the cuts.

3. Then proceed to run the rope through the tubes and the older children’s swing is ready.

How to make a homemade swing: Big child's swing

Doing recycling crafts for children is worth double, it is fun and it is extremely gratifying to know that they learn and have fun through a nice moment of play. In addition, by reusing a deprecated item with a new feature, you will teach them to live in a better world and to be more creative.

We hope you liked the recycling crafts and, of course, we would love for you to do them yourself and share your experience with us. Children will have a lot of fun!

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