Tight Jeans Long and Slender Revisited

There’s no avoiding them. Tight jeans are hot, so let’s deal with it. Here’s the low down on what this look strives for and some advise on how to approach it. Remember, just as lowrise jeans are not meant for everybody, skinny jeans aren’t either. I have to admit that I was skeptical about this style at first, but the more I see them, on the right bodies, the sexier and classier I find skinny jeans look to be. Read below for more advise on finding the best fitting skinny jeans.

What’s more, you’ll find that the skinny jeans look in no way clashes with what we have discussed on our pages on “dressing for your body type”. The same principles of composition and balance apply. The slim look is being credited to the Brits, as actress Sienna Miller (now lending her name to a new line from Pepe Jeans) and model Kate Moss have been spotted with their sexy skinnies tucked in boots on several occasions. (This same look can be achieved with your older, tight fitting flared or bootcut jeans, by just tucking the bottom part of the leg into your boots, if you can live with the discomfort.) Come spring and summer, expect to see the extra tights matched with heels or sandals.

Retailers are usually a bit hesitant to stock up on a new trend, but by now you’ll find a great variety of skinny jeans in most shops. CoutureCandy and Nordstrom offer a fabulous selection.

Please refer to our comments on tight jeans on the Jeans Sizes page. Like any other style, this one incorporates a type of cut and a type of fit. The cut is usually tapered or straight (sometimes also referred to as cigarette, drainpipe, peg or pencil) and the fit is a snug, close to the skin fit (extra tight, by traditional fit classifications).

The right size of “tight jeans” should hug the skin! A straight or tapered cut can still be “loose” or “relaxed”, not at all the style that is now in vogue. Don’t forget, “tight” in this sense doesn’t mean you have to wedge yourself in a pair that doesn’t fit! “Tight” does not mean “ill fitting”.

Add to this two part definition a third (washes) and you have a style:

  • Fit: Tight
  • Cut: Straight or tapered
  • Washes: Dark or black, with minimal details

Is this all there is to this trend?

Hardly, there are a few more things to consider, so please read on.

This new skinny look strives to be clean and minimalist and to further enhance the long, lean silhouette ideal. So, how can you achieve this if you are not as skinny as the pants? Here are some tips:

  • Buy them long, so that they bunch up at the bottom. This not only beefs up the illusion of length but in a strange, unique way proportions the bottom of the pants to the rest of your figure, much like a bootcut pair would. Boots create the same effect when they are dark and worn on dark pants.
  • Go for higher waists
  • Dark washes are the most appropriate, with black being the most versatile for day or evening wear
  • Not all tight jeans are cut the same, so shop around a bit
  • They don’t have to be like denim “leggings” to achieve the desired look, and by all means, go for stretch for added comfort
  • Go for the more relaxed straight leg version of the skinny look vs. the tapered cut
  • As far as finishes are concerned, they should be clean with minimal detailing (no rips or fraying, no excessive fades or distressing)

As mentioned above, you’ll find an excellent selection of skinny jeans at Nordstrom and at CoutureCandy.

Nordstrom carries skinny jeans in the following brands: Taverniti So, Kitson, People’s Liberation, Miss Sixty, Rock & Republic, Joe’s, Paige Premium Denim, AG Jeans and others. At CoutureCandy  you’ll find the following selection:  7 for All Mankind, AG Jeans, Antik Denim, Earnest Sewn, Freedom of Choice, Hudson Jeans, J Brand, James Cured by Seun, Joe’s Jeans, Kasil, Paper Denim & Cloth, People’s Liberation, Serfontaine, Stitch’s, Tag, True Religion and Yanuk.

And guys, you’re not safe from this 1960s (and 1980’s) inspired punk-look. Skinny jeans in some ways are a backlash to the universally flattering bootcut leg. The edgy, rocker look that is associated with very slim jeans may be worth the discomfort, to some. So much so that, as with lowrise jeans, many men find themselves shopping in the women’s department for “GJ’s” (girl’s jeans). This shouldn’t be necessary since many of the major brands are jumping on the tight jeans bandwagon. Just take a look at some of the options above by Nudie, Rock and Republic and Levi’s.

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