The Revival of Designer Jeans

So, why are designer jeans such a rage? For generations, we’ve accepted blue jeans as something plain and practical, as they were meant to be. After all, the original patent granted to Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis was for a utilitarian improvement on the already existing “denim coveralls”. Their contribution was simply the idea of using metal rivets to reinforce the pant’s seams.

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Jeans have been a favorite of several past generations, each modifying them to fit their times. They are not new and are still not universally accepted as proper attire.

They have gone from being the work clothes of coal miners, to the weekend wear of World War II soldiers, and from the hip look of teenage rebels to the uniform of Hollywood cowboys. They raise eyebrows and blood pressure. When Brooke Shields posed for Calvin Klein in the famous “nothing comes between me and my Calvins” campaign, designer jeans were born and the stage was set for today’s very fashionable rebels.

What came first: designer jeans or celebrities?

Now, more than ever, celebrities are playing a role in defining pop culture, and by merely sharing our preference for the ordinary seem to make it chic, and yes, pricey.

Denim aficionados are usually first attracted by the brand or the look, often as seen on some mega-star.

Then, after what can be many frustrating hours trying on countless pairs, they end up falling in love with the fit of one specific label. Brand loyalty in the designer jeans market is ultimately earned by offering a great fit. We all swear by our “best fitting jeans” (with or without knowing that what is “best” for our body type may not work for anybody else).

Today’s designer blue jeans are a wardrobe staple, by far surpassing the little black dress in their versatility and universal appeal. But what has ultimately made this new generation of designer jeans so appealing to us? Here are my thoughts on this subject:

  • Styles: A seemingly endless variety of styles, making it very difficult to run into somebody wearing exactly the same pair.
  • Cut: Unabashed and unrestrained styling of what traditionally was a utilitarian garment, making them more feminine, sexier, and more upscale. Designers are using every trick in the book to make you look great in jeans.
  • Fit: A thorough understanding of the market’s desire for a great fit (they can hug, ride, cup, rise, shape, expose, and more…)
  • Finishes: The variety of finishes and washes that make new jeans so wearable. The worn look and feel of broken in jeans (something we used to have to patiently work for) is now available directly from the store’s racks.
  • Embellishments: These personalize, add character, a feeling (or reality) of luxury and help to further distinguish one brand from another.
  • Textiles: The magic of stretch (most of the cut and fit miracles would not be possible with the more rigid denim)

And yes, then come the “celebrity styles”. They look great in their designer jeans, and every manufacturer understands that we all wish to look as sexy as they do. Sounds superficial, but this marketing strategy works like a charm.

Brand Bios and Lifestyles

Jeans, as we have mentioned and will be talking about more in future articles, are a staple fashion item to many specific lifestyles. Some brands manage to go beyond a simple association with a celebrity. They are born from and truly embody a way of life. Such is the case of the labels listed below. Take a moment to read about their origin and see which you feel an affinity towards. As important as fit is, the search for the perfect pair jeans also entails lifestyle decisions. There are many more brand bios coming, so come back often.

  • Affliction Denim
  • Antik Denim
  • Apple Bottoms
  • FrankieB
  • Joe’s Jeans
  • Lucky Brand Jeans
  • Not Your Daughter’s Jeans
  • People’s Liberation
  • Rock & Republic
  • 7 For All Mankind
  • True Religion

I hope that our articles help you distinguish between what looks great on Beyoncé and what will look great on you.

You’ll find the following themes running through this site:

  • My love for jeans and their versatility
  • The importance of accessories, after all you don’t wear jeans by themselves, or do you?
  • How important it is to dress for your body type and size, from head to toe.
  • The concept that all of our choices in fashion, from hairstyle to shoes add to the creation of our personal fashion style.
  • Our suggestions should be taken as “tools, not rules”. Everybody’s shape, size, color are unique and can’t be viewed separate from your personality.
  • The more conscious and informed we are when making these choices, the better we will look and feel about ourselves.


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