The 14 Best Ripped Denim Jackets for Men 2021

Ripped Denim Jackets for Men

Symbol of the Far West, a flagship piece of ’90s fashion that was also found on the shoulders of legends such as Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley, and other Bob Marley, the denim jacket came a long way before land in your closet. If its history is as vast as the great American plains, the denim jacket has today become an essential basis of the male wardrobe.

Among the epics that only America has the secret, that of the denim jacket, closely linked to the history of Levi’s brand.

An example of the Type 1 denim jacket from Levi’s.

As early as 1905, Loeb Strauss invented the first denim jacket, known as “Levi’s Blouse” or “Type I Denim Jacket”. It was originally designed as a complement to work pants.

An example of the Type 2 denim jacket from Levi’s.

Later, in 1953, Levi’s company released its Type II denim Jacket, whose features evolved. A second pocket on the chest is added, the martingale removed, replaced by adjusters at the hips.

An example of the Type 3 denim jacket from Levi’s.

Finally, the current benchmark in denim jacket remains the “Type III denim Jacket”, also known as the “Trucker Jacket”. This model appeared at the beginning of the 60s. More fit, the contrasting seams at the construction lines are also more numerous. This is also the appearance of pointed finishes at the chest pockets.

As explained earlier, the origin of the denim jacket is attributed to Levi’s Strauss brand. After many developments, the latest model, the “Type III Denim Jacket”, remains the benchmark for the design of current denim jackets.
Some variations exist. Among them, the sherpa model. Don’t panic, this is ultimately just a classic denim jacket, lined with sheep’s wool and designed for harsher climates. Today there are also pieces of which only the collar is lined and sometimes removable.

Smoke Rise Men’s Denim Jacket with Detachable Faux Fur Collar

As always when it comes to clothing, personal taste and sensibility prevail. However, here are some basic rules that may come in handy if you were only going to buy one denim jacket.

To begin with, choose a fitted jacket, the armpit seams should neither stick the underside of your arm nor be too loose. You should feel supported, without being cramped, when closing the buttons on your jacket. It is considered that the reasonable length is located at least below the belt without however covering the buttocks.

X-RAY Men’s Denim Jacket Washed Casual Trucker

As with good jeans, it is necessary to be careful with the choice of material. In fact, avoid synthetic materials and prefer a 100% cotton canvas, the weight of which is between 12 and 14 Oz. Rigid when worn, the canvas will relax and adapt to your body shape over time. Also be careful with the seams and their stitches, which must be numerous for your piece to be solid and last over time.

Victorious Distressed Denim Jacket

The denim jacket has this advantage that it can be worn in many circumstances. Whether we talk about fashion or climate, this piece is scalable and follows the course of the seasons. It is plural, both in terms of colors, cuts, or design, easily integrating into many looks.

LZLER Classic Ripped Slim Denim Jacket

In a more streetwear style, the denim jacket also matches darker hues, opting for a dark t-shirt / joggers set, adding a pair of basic white sneakers that lighten up the final look a bit.

DSDZ Men`s Classic Ripped Hip Hop Motorcycle Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is a traditional piece of the male wardrobe. It is therefore normal that it is constantly revisited and reinvented by fashion designers. If you are fond of strong and worked pieces, do not hesitate to choose a more unusual model. However, be careful with the rest of your outfit. Indeed, it should be simple in order to avoid information overload and visual overload.

Levi’s Men’s Acid Washed Cotton Bomber Jacket

I-N-C Men’s Ripped Faded Jacket

A variant from Urban Classics, as always classic in form, but stronger in the material, with its very light canvas in denim with a more summery shade.

Urban Classics Men’s Ripped Denim Jacket

This piece caught my eye as I searched for a wash model that looks natural. The details also give a more authentic, almost outdated feel.

PIZOFF Mens Hipster Washed Denim Jacket

I like products that tell me stories. And with this jacket, I am clearly in an artist’s studio under the roofs of Paris.

iYBUIA Men’s Autumn Winter Casual Vintage Denim Jacket


For lovers of authenticity and retro style, do not hesitate to skim the clothes racks of thrift stores which are, for the most part, well supplied with more or less dated vintage pieces. If the cut and the fit are not always up to date, it will, however, be suitable for those who wish to experiment with a more original style or simply looking for good deals. Another advantage of thrift store items? The patinas and washes of some models will add a real touch to some of your outfits.

Piece steeped in history, the denim jacket must become a staple of your wardrobe as it is versatile, whether it’s a simple mid-season jacket or a perfect complement to a layering outfit.

chouyatou Men’s Distressed Button Front Casual Denim Trucker Jacket

A beautiful piece should have a fitted cut and a well-made canvas. As with good jeans, a denim jacket requires some financial investment.

Men’s Distressed Denim Jacket Ripped Jean Coat Jacket

DSDZ Men`s Retro Vintage Washed Ripped Hip Hop Denim Jacket

DAVID.ANN Men’s Denim Jacket Slim Fit Trucker Coat

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