The 10 best ways to recycle old jeans

Due to the material in jeans fabric you can recycle old jeans in several DIY projects. Learn all about them in this article!

Did you know that there are countless ways to recycle old jeans?

There are several interesting crafts that involve recycling old jeans when they go out of style or if you no longer want them. If you do not want to give them away you can always use the denim fabric to do a new thing.

As you probably know, this type of garment is made of a long-lasting material that stays in good condition no matter how long you have had them. So, before you consider throwing them away, you should know that there are other options for them.

Are you ready to give these jeans a second chance?

Don’t miss these ideas below.

Ways to recycle old jeans

Jeans are very elastic and can last for many decades. But most people end up wearing them after a few years because they lose their original color or because the design is “out of style”.

So, instead of collecting old jeans in your wardrobe, it might be a good idea to extend their lifespan with some simple projects you can do at home.

In this article we share 10 different ways to recycle old jeans.

1. Aprons

To make beautiful aprons from jeans you just need to cut the legs from the jeans that you no longer use. Then you cut the fabric with a pair of scissors and shorten it according to the design you want.

Finally, sew in strips and add some accessories: buttons, pockets, embroidery etc.

2. Bags

recycle old jeans bags

There are many creative ways to make bags of old, recycled jeans. In fact, many are actually good accessories for your regular clothes.

All you have to do is cut the fabric into the shape you like most and then sew with your sewing machine. The details you add are up to your own creativity.

3. Pen stand


By sewing a few pockets on a piece of fabric you can make a nice organizer for pens.

This simple project doesn’t take much time and helps you organize the little things that you usually miss.

4. Animal baskets

dog basket

What do you think about stuffing your old jeans to make them a pet bed?

While it may seem like a crazy idea, it is actually quite interesting. Because the fabric is so resistant, it is perfect for giving your dog or cat a comfortable space to rest.

5. Pillows

jeans pillow

One of the easiest crafts you can do to recycle old jeans is to make pillows for your bed or for your furniture.

The fabric can be cut in many ways, or several different shades can be put together to give it a more interesting style.

6. A wallet

recycle old jeans wallet

This project is so simple and beautiful that you can give it your own special touch. To do so, you can use both the jeans pockets and other parts of the fabric.

7. Coaster


When it comes to serving food, it’s always a good idea to have tablecloths to protect the table from spills or marks. In this case, we suggest that you use old jeans in different colors to make unique cloths.

8. Flower pots

recycle old jeans pot

Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive pots for your garden, try using old pants that just sit in your wardrobe. You can use them in their normal shape or you can cut them into different shapes to get different pot sizes.

9. Carpets

recycle old jeans rug
Youtube | Mj Escalera

To recycle old jeans and make them a mat you can use several other methods.

  • The easiest option is to open the legs and sew the fabric together so that it is a good size.
  • Another option is to sew several pieces of different jeans together or use braids or ties.

10. Notebooks


Jeans have a modern and youthful style that can be used to create beautiful, personalized notebooks. All you have to do is cut them the right size and then fix the fabric with a good glue!

Do you have old jeans that have been in your wardrobe for a long time? Stop accumulating them. Now you know how to easily recycle old jeans and give them a new life!


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