So What Does Low Rise Jeans Refer To?

Low rise jeans does not refer to a “fit”, it is a specific cut. As is the case with boot cut jeans, it is a matter of “shape”, of “pattern”, and is very widely misused. Any fit can have a regular or low cut waist, although not all will work well. Jeans with a low cut waist are almost always a tight fit and most often have boot cut or flared leg cuts. Although you are now beginning to see low cut skinnies too.

Low Rise Jeans
Low Rise Jeans

What about men’s low rise jeans?

It’s a 60’s style that is here to stay. Guy’s interested in this rock inspired look no longer have to buy GP’s (girl’s pants). Manufacturers have listened, and there are several solid contenders in this market. Amongst them are Levi’s, Rock and Republic, and Nudies, to name a few. Check out our selection of low rise jeans for men here.

men's low rise jeans

Waist Types:

The most obvious variation in waist type comes in the “rise”, which means nothing more than how far below the belly button the jeans will sit. It is measured from the crotch to the waist. Some designers use this as a major styling category, probably because of the unparalleled popularity of low and super low waist jeans in the last few years. It is nonetheless a subcategory of the type of cut.

Other waist levels:

  • High Waisted Jeans: Again, not a new cut, but revived in recent years.
  • Regular Rise Jeans: Waistband is located precisely on the waist
  • Low Rise Jeans: Waistband is located typically 2-3 inches below the belly button. The most popular rise in most denim brands, respecially for women.
  • Super Lowrise Jeans: Dangerously low, 3-5 inches below the belly button.
  • Brazilian Low Rise Jeans:Brazilian jeans have almost come to define a waist type of their own. They have even come to incorporate a 2 inch zipper! Brazilian jeans are growing in popularity and are renowned for their daring sexy cuts, high quality and original embellishments. They are unique and worth looking into. The legend of the Brazilian butt lift must be based on some fact!

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