Short Denim Shorts… Are They For You?

Shorts, be they designer made, cut-offs or short denim shorts, are revealing and sexy, but are they for everyone?

Awesome art shorts

Temperatures and hemlines are rising, and shorts are without a doubt a favorite summer fashion choice. Some women look great in them, others look cute. Still, on a great many women the wrong shorts will simply not work. Celebrities may take every opportunity to show off their long legs in short denim short shorts, but pulling off this look can be tricky.

What doesn’t work?

Fair or not, all bodies are not created equal and nothing makes this point clearer than skimpy summer clothes. Short denim shorts don’t allow for the creation of too much illusion by the mere fact that they offer such little coverage. Still, if you choose carefully, you can avoid some major fashion goof-ups. Some guidelines are still possible, and these will apply to women of all sizes, shapes, and age.

One note about age…….

At the risk of being called an “anti-ageist”, I still have a bit of a pet peeve about age when it comes to short denim shorts. Unless you are blessed with super-model good looks, you should leave the micro short trend to teens and some women in their twenties.

And the Best Choices Are:

Our “best choice in shorts” guide will go from the skimpiest to those that offer the greatest coverage, be they denim shorts or shorts made from any other fabric:

Short Shorts

Great for gals with slim legs and hips and no cellulite! Just remember that location and occasion are every bit as important to making the right choice in outfit. Never wear short denim shorts or cut-off denim shorts to work. Women with wider hips and thicker thighs will tend to look shorter and wider with short shorts.

Women Casual Short Denim Shorts

Classic Shorts

These are shorts that end at about mid-thigh. This is the most generally flattering style, especially if the cut (shape or line) of the short is the same as the line of your legs. The simpler the style and the hem, the better.

Classic Denim Shorts

Relaxed Shorts

The right choice if you are a bit curvier, just avoid shorts that end right at knee level. The fabric used for this cut is usually softer so that it drapes well. Relaxed shorts convey a casual look, and are generally appropriate for exercising or sports, not for the office.

Relaxed Denim Shorts

Bermuda Shorts

No longer just for the beach! Bermuda shorts can be dressed down or up, and have become a staple in many fashionista’s wardrobes. They commonly end two or three inches above the knee, and thus tend to make your legs look shorter and heavier. Even though this is the most popular short for women over 40, I would recommend them mostly for women with thinner, longer legs.

Denim Bermuda Shorts


If shorts are not your thing, you may consider using Capris. They are stylish, comfortable, and not as revealing.

Denim Capris

Some extra thoughts:

  • When appropriate, wear your shorts with heals, this will lengthen the look of your legs
  • Be conscious of pocket details, for the same reasons as with trousers
  • Avoid synthetic fibers, denim is a natural for the summer
  • Pear shaped women should avoid high-waisted shorts
  • Be realistic about your body, and be aware of cellulite. Most women have it, and believe me, it seems to crop up in an exaggerated way when you sit. Good reason to avoid the super short shorts.
  • By all means, don’t buy something you don’t feel comfortable wearing! If you are in doubt, take a good, honest friend shopping with you, and ask for her opinion.
  • You can’t argue that shorts are “in”, but that is not a license to wear the wrong type for your body, or to wear short shorts to the office.
  • Shorts and socks = memories of boy-scouts
  • Pleats are a no-no in jeans and may be even more detrimental to a slim line when in shorts.
  • At the risk of being repetitious: be aware of your age, body type, occasion, and location!

Whatever your choice, shorts are a great, hot item for this summer, and, if your figure is right for the option, short denim shorts are stylish and sexy!


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