Sew the back pocket of jeans

I really want to teach you how to make your favorite jeans yourself.

I will proceed in stages and we will start by sewing the back pocket (the pocket which is on your buttocks !!!). Then you will have an article to sew the front pockets, then another article will tell you about the fly and then you will have a full article on cutting and sewing jeans.

first a little vocabulary:

Straight line: Usually, straight line is parallel to the selvedge.

Bias: When we cut a piece of a pattern in the bias, we put it at 45 ° to the straight line:

Running Stitch

Well, here we go, we get started!!!

Cut according to the pattern, respecting the straight line (the arrow must be equidistant from the edge of the fabric) and leaving the seam allowances (for me 1.5 cm for the sides and bottom and 2.5 cm at the top).

Whether or not to make a decoration on the pocket.

Overcast and fold down the top of the pocket, sew it (1.5 cm for me).

Sneak around the pocket.

The pocket is ready to put on the back of the pants. Do not forget to fold the seam over the triangle pocket so that it looks nice from the right (see on the second photo).

Now you just have to sew the pocket on the back of the pants.

You will have taken care to mark on the back piece of your pants the location where you will need to sew your pocket.

Place and pin the pocket, sew it.

Make a bumblebee stitch (tight zigzag point) for a few centimeters at the opening of the pocket (you will not risk tearing it off by accident and it will not be unstuck).



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