Rifle Jeans. History of an Italian Success

RIFLE – Since 1958

Rifle’s story begins immediately after the 2nd World War when two brothers, Giulio and Fiorenzo Fratini, had the intuition to try the adventure of producing jeans in Italy.

Their job was to acquire military uniforms used by soldiers during the war which were subsequently retouched and sold at low cost.
Among these clothes, they found jeans from an American soldier who attracted their curiosity by being a leader they had never seen before.

The origins

After being informed that that type of fabric, denim, was produced only in America and more precisely in Greensboro in North Carolina, the two brothers decided to go on an adventure to find the precious material.
It was 1949. This was how the idea of the first Italian jeans was born. At that time, under the name of Confezioni Fratini, several jeans were produced with different brands (Rocky, Winchester, Giant, Colt ..) up to 1958 where RIFLE was created.

From then on, a success story began up to the present day.

The name

The name Rifle comes from the memory of the writings affixed to old wooden crates located on the piers of the ships on which the two brothers used to travel between Italy and the United States.


RIFLE is the first jeans brand in the world to enter a communist country, Czechoslovakia, sensing its great market development possibilities in those areas. Since then the spread has not stopped. The success is such that throughout the Eastern Europe the term Rifle or Rifliska is still synonymous with jeans today.

The 1980s

The RIFLE brand is extremely widespread in Benelux, Switzerland and commercial relations with East Germany begin. In these years Rifle patented the five pocket antifit model. The brand begins to make itself known also in Greater Russia with a first order of 100,000 garments that will become 3 million in 1988, sold in the Gum, the gigantic government bazaars, where the mythical model 881 was snapped up at 100 rubles.

The 1990s

In the wake of the antifit model, Rifle reaches 10 million items produced per year.

The 2000s

Sandro Fratini, son of Giulio, becomes the sole shareholder and president of the Super Rifle spa company. The symbol of made in Italy jeans blows out fifty candles in 2008 when the trousers sold by Rifle in Europe are more than 100 million. Only Levi’s sold more; no other brand has gone that far.

Source: riflejeans.com


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