Miniguide: How I cut my jeans

You are a bunch who usually wonder how I fringe and cut my jeans. After all, it has become a bit of a thing for me to let my jeans get a new look a little tight. Therefore, once and for all, I thought about making a mini-guide on how to make the long lashes on my jeans. All you need is jeans, scissors, and patience (the latter is usually a shortcoming). Here we go.

I bend cutting them to the desired length-ish. Cuts by a few centimeters margin depending on how long I want the lashes. Just these jeans would have an oblique edge.

Then I cut small notches about a centimeter apart. As long as I cut the chop, as long as the lashes will be, yes you understand. Note, the whole process will be facilitated if all notches are equally deep.

And now comes the tricky party, which takes a little while. I start by pulling off a bunch of white threads until I can start pulling the blue lashes off the sides of the notch. Then repeat until all-white power is gone and then move on to the next hack.

You have to beware of any puppy who wants to come up to the table and ruin what you are doing. It gets a lot messier then.

I then continue to tear apart all the notches to my jeans that look like this! Tada! If you want even longer lashes on your jeans (which you usually want when you’re up and running), just cut the hack even deeper and keep pulling apart.



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