Low Rise Jeans For Men

Low rise jeans for men are tough to find. Men’s jeans usually have a baggy, comfortable, loose fit. They seem to vary only in degrees of looseness!

Both designers and retailers are approaching this trend with caution, but they are aware of a growing demand. Traditionally, the rise in men’s jeans is 12 inches, bringing the rise to just below the navel. Both 9 inch and 7 inch rises are already in the market, with Levi’s selling jeans with a 7.5 inch rise.

Shop Where They Have Them

Some men have found it easier to get the right fit by shopping for women’s jeans! For those men who seek a slender, tight pair of low rise jeans with some flare, wearing girl’s jeans has proven to be a great alternative.

Women’s pants fit tight around the waist. They are usually also tight down to the knee level, where the flare begins. A perfect look for thin Rebel Rock Stars! This may sound a bit extreme, but remember that celebrities often start trends, pushing their stylistic ideals to the edge. The history of blue jeans is intimately linked with the stars that have worn them, and this history is by no means over.

Fashion is Cyclical:
Flared Low Rise Jeans for Men Are Nothing New

They are a throwback to the 1960’s fashions when bell bottom tight low rise jeans dominated the young women’s and the men’s market. Flared low rise jeans for men may seem revolutionary today, and even a bit “girlish” to some, but history may just repeat itself, especially if this look is picked up by stars in the music industry. Bell bottom hip hugger jeans will just be re-labeled flared low rise jeans for men.

Until the trend proves to be acceptable to a wide enough market, shop freely for women’s low rise jeans. What about ultra low rise jeans for men? If you are thin enough to find a pair that fits, go fot it. You can always opt for a pair of custom made blue jeans. For those of you who are true “skinnies”, this may be your best option. This would even give you the possibility of ordering a pair of men’s stretch jeans. Just take it a little slower with the embellishments… but hey, here’s a whole world of opportunity for low rise jeans for men to differentiate themselves from the ladies’ lines. Who says embellishments have to be “feminine”.

Define Your Own Style

Low rise jeans for men are definitely a trend worth looking into. Look at what’s happening on TV, movies, the music industry, fashion magazines, and the internet. It may seem a bit retro right now, or a bit feminine to those that didn’t live through the ’60s, but that’s OK. This is still a style than will not be too forgiving of the overweight. Shop for the correct fit. Comfort may be an issue, but if this is your style, stick to it.

Is this a case of men getting in touch with their feminine side? I really don’t think so. It’s just another cycle in the history of fashion. Remember that fashion is all about evolving styles. The rock’n’roll look of low rise jeans for men is definitely a trend with a history and a future.


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