How to rip or tear your jeans with a grater

Ripped jeans are a classic of all seasons, both in winter and summer, they are an essential garment in any feminine wardrobe. There is an easy and cheap way to achieve this effect on any denim fabric pants by simply following these simple steps.

Recycle your old pants now to give them a much more modern look. With this simple trick that I indicate below you will get to rip your jeans without breaking them completely, achieving the effect as you like, and, best of all, you have all the utensils you need at home!

Required instruments

The first thing is to find appropriate jeans, with a slightly aged look and color. To easily tear our jeans, we will use tools that we can find in any home. Utensils such as a cheese grater, paper sandpaper, pumice stone or a file used for calluses on the feet, a small scissors and a cuticle cutter will serve us.
Before starting to tear, it’s good to have an idea in mind of how we want them to end up, the type of tear, the size, and where we want to tear them. It is advisable to practice a little beforehand with some denim that we are not using.

How to rip the fabric

Ripping can be done both with jeans on or on a surface. If you opt for the latter, it is advisable to put something solid underneath such as a piece of wood. We will start by passing the cheese grater from top to bottom and from left to right, for all the desired extension. Keep in mind that, with washes, these holes can increase in size, and therefore it is necessary not to make them too wide.

diy destroyed used jeans
diy destroyed used jeans 2
diy destroyed used jeans 3

In addition to using a grater, with pumice or lime, we can make smaller rips for other parts of the cowboy. If we also pass the sandpaper over, we will achieve a more authentic effect.

To give our cowboy the finishing touch, we can take out some very fine strands with the help of the scissors and the cuticle cutter, and we will have spectacular pants.


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