How to rip jeans at the knee

Tearing jeans is art. We present you with a good technique for flinging your jeans and making them trendy pants. Jeans is a timeless piece of clothing that has survived through the ages. Slim, boyfriend, or skinny, it comes in several types that adapt to all body shapes. In this tutorial, we will show you how to make ripped jeans for a casual and cool look.

Step 1/5: The necessary equipment

To make your ripped jeans yourself, you need to gather the following materials: sandpaper, a pair of scissors, and a pen or marker.

You also need tweezers to undo the threads of your pants.

Step 2/5: Mark where you are going to rip

Put on your pants, locate the places where you want to put the holes, then mark them with the pen or the marker.

Most of the time, we choose the knee because it is the classic location for tears.

Step 3/5: Make the tear

Lay your pants on a table and cut the first leg following the traces made in the previous step.

Pull a few wefts of thread over the holes you have just made and scrape the edges of the tears with the blade of your scissors, then with sandpaper to reduce them.

Step 4/5: Make two horizontal bands on the second leg

For a better rendering, you can do it differently for the other leg.

Always start by cutting the jeans according to the mark of the second step.

Then make another horizontal cut parallel to the first just below the knee.

Step 5/5: Make two horizontal bands on the second leg

When you have finished the two cuts, you must undo the threads of your jeans.

To do this, using the tweezers, pull the vertical wires one by one at the level of the hole, leaving only the horizontal wires.

The transformation is now over and you get trendy ripped jeans.

We hope you will find this tutorial useful for both men’s and women’s jeans. Don’t hesitate to share it with your friends or ask a question in the comments.


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