How to repair torn jeans: an easy and trendy system!

I don’t know about you, but in our home the garment we wear most of all is jeans. Obviously putting them often, they are destined to wear out on the knees, near the pockets or on the horse.
Even if I like torn jeans, I must say that there is a limit to everything. Mending a few holes is often a  must and not only to avoid throwing out jeans that are still wearable but also because jeans that have been ripped and mended with an appropriate refashion operation can become more trendy than before. But how to fix torn jeans?

Ripped jeans are suitable for any type of recovery. For example you can:

  1. modernize torn jeans  with old tights;
  2. sew on the ripped jeans colored patches ;
  3. sew cloth patches behind the hole;
  4. make fancy darning with the sewing machine.

How to repair torn jeans: here’s how to sew patches!

Speaking of mending on jeans with the sewing machine … do you think they are difficult to do? No, I’m not. Mending jeans is not a precision operation like mending a shirt and the patching doesn’t have to be perfect. Indeed, the more random they are, the trendier they are!

For example, I had jeans with this rip on my thigh.

Wanting to absolutely repair the jeans, I thought of sewing the hole by putting a patch inside the trousers. I created the patch with a cutout of jeans, although I could also have used any cotton fabric, as long as it was resistant.

After fixing the patch on the reverse side with pins, I started making long seams across the whole area, back and forth and continued until the patch was completely fixed (who does not have a sewing machine with a free arm must unstitch the side seam of the trousers, as I did). In order to have a good result and also give the patch a fashionable look, it was necessary to make long stitching beyond the hole.

For the seams, I preferred to use a white thread, but you can also use colored threads or even use fancy patches, especially if you are repairing children’s jeans.

To go back and forth with the presser foot, you need to hold down the button that is found in all sewing machines.

Once you have finished sewing the whole patch, just turn the trousers upside down and close the previously opened side seam.

And here’s my pair of recovered jeans!

I know perfectly well that a seamstress would have done better, but all in all, I like this type of darning! And anyway, I don’t like throwing clothes away just because they are worn out. Recovering ruined clothes is a noble art that our grandmothers knew well and it would be worth trying to learn it well.



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