How to make your own custom jeans

Is this possible? Yes, I have been making my own jeans for years, and they are perfect.
I got the idea to write this post because Simone did this about a dress. In the store, too, I regularly received compliments from customers that I wore such beautiful jeans. I think I have been using this pattern for over 10 years.
My pattern comes from old Miss Etam jeans, it was perfect, but unfortunately, the model went out. Then I got the idea to take out an old one and use it as a cartridge. That was also the last time I bought pants! I always make them myself now.

In the meantime, I have been writing on it and drawing lines. I also use it when I want a different length of pants, and even for my shorts. This way the top always fits well and the legs are of course very easy to adjust to your liking. I wrote the changes on it with a black marker. I never copied it on paper, because now I put the pants on the fabric, it stays well, and I don’t have to pin. These pants were also a very high model, I also adjusted this, and at the front leg it can still be seen, I have spelled it inside. I had loosened the hind leg.

I usually start with the back pockets. These can, of course, be quilted in different ways.

The left black pants are neat pants, I also use the same pattern for this. I often topstitch with the Gutermann yarn extra strong, or the Mettler cotton yarn, but embroidery thread is also an option for the stitching.

Then the pockets in the front. For the lining of the bags, I use very thin cotton or cotton which I got from a project. For these pants, I have a bit of very thin jeans fabric.

I lock the lining pockets between the center front, before I insert the zipper.

The zipper, I will describe this step by step, because it might be a bit more difficult to put it in. The length of the zipper that I use is 15 cm, but measure the length of the zipper of your old pants after often they are shorter now.
The facing has a length of 17 cm. The left-facing is 8 cm wide, it is folded in half, the right-facing is 5 cm wide. The investments are locked.

The right side, fold the seam of the building inwards, place the zipper and the facing underneath, pin and baste it if necessary. I’m not doing tween, but that’s because of the experience.

Stitch to the end of the zipper, cut the seam here, fold it from the right side and sew it on.

Now the left side, We first stitch the facing with the right side of the fabric on the pants, right next to the lock edge.

Then we fold the facing to the right and topstitch it.

Then we pin the zipper right side to the right side of the facing and stitch it on.

Fold inwards, pin in place and topstitch next to the zipper teeth.

Stitch to the bottom of the zipper and make a nice round there, make sure that you fold the other facing back, if you let the curve continue to the bottom of the facing you can continue to stitch to the middle front.

Leave needle in fabric, turn foot up and fabric and topstitch.

Now switch the zipper foot for the regular foot and stitch a second stitch.

Then we are going to stitch the seam under the zipper, fold the seam of the left piece inwards and put it on the other building and also topstitch it with two stitching.

Now fold the facing under the zipper and stitch two bartacks.

Now the zipper is ready, next time we will continue. Do you have any questions, or if something is not clear, leave a comment.



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