How To Fray & Distress Your Jeans: Hem, Knees, and Thighs

Fashion is constantly changing. It lives off a constant and unstoppable perpetual motion and above all of the great returns. The trends that knock from the past are like the first loves that suddenly reappear in our life. We have to ask ourselves a question: are these trendy clothes still really good for us? Let’s think before making meaningless managed.

The jeans are experiencing a small crisis. From the 1950s to the present day, this trouser has lived on an ever-increasing trend, conquering the wardrobes of men and women from all over the world. Summer 2016 saw this race stop, in favor of leggings and sports models. However, if you want to wear your jeans anyway you have to dust off the frayed models.

Don’t you have a couple? It doesn’t matter and there is no need to go and buy them. Let’s learn together how to fray or fray them, also because the beauty of this model is personalization. You can add some fringe without exaggerating or rather tearing the fabric in several areas creating pleasant games I see and don’t see.

How to fray the hem of jeans

The final hem is certainly the point that can best be frayed. It is also the easiest choice. How you do it? Select a pair of jeans, the ones you prefer (they can be boots or skinny), and make sure they are clean and rigid. You know that freshly washed denim is a little tough! You then need two tools: a sharp scissors and a ripper for the seams.

Cut the bottom of the trousers, just above the hem, if you want to keep the length or even above the ankle if you want something more 70 years. With the ripper, fray the fabric in a random way. If the cotton threads are too messy, all you have to do is cut some of them. The only difficulty is symmetry in the legs (identical lengths, girls).

How to rip jeans at the knee

The ripped jeans on the knees are a classic of the nineties, perhaps worn with a provocative fishnet stocking underneath. Making them is really simple and allows you to save on the purchase, also because ripped jeans always cost a lot. Unlike the hem, the knees don’t need precision and symmetry. If you want you can fray even one.

How to do? Choose old denim (possibly a boyfriend or skinny) and pick up the following tools: sharp scissors, pencil, and sandpaper. With the pencil make a mark where you turn the “hole” and then cut the area with scissors. To make the knee see well, you need to make a sort of rectangle (minimum height 1 cm, maximum 3 cm). To create the fringes, help yourself with the sandpaper, with which you have to “ruin” the cut fabric, giving it a lived-in effect. Consider that the fringes will tend to increase by wearing trousers and playing with them with your fingers.

How to rip jeans on the thighs

Another point to create fringed and trendy jeans is to work on the thighs. This is perhaps the simplest tutorial, it can be done on all jeans models and you need a single tool: the cheese grater. Just be careful not to hurt yourself.

The best technique is to wear jeans and rub the grater in the area you want to fray. This operation must be done in the bathroom or by spreading a towel under you because the fabric creates annoying dust that will fly all over the room. The first grater will ruin (threadbare effect) the denim which will gradually begin to fray. If the jeans are very hard, you should not keep them on, so you can scratch without fear of hurting yourself.


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