How to Distress Jeans: 10 Easy Tutorials to Try at Home

Want to give your daily looks a new look without buying anything new? The trick is to know how to unravel jeans! Through customization, you can totally transform a piece that was most forgotten in the closet. The cool thing is that it’s nothing too complicated.

How to Distress Jeans

There are several ways to unravel a pair of jeans and transform them into that destroyed worthy of a store window: with sandpaper, fork, scissors, kitchen knife … Below you can see some of the most interesting techniques. Choose your favorite and try it at home!

How to distress jeans with sandpaper

  1. Mark with chalk the areas of the pants you want to unravel;
  2. With a support, sand the marked areas using a foot or nail file;
  3. If you want bigger tears, make small cuts with scissors;
  4. Finish by washing the jeans in the washing machine.

In the video below you can see how well this technique of unraveling jeans is explained.

It is important that you sand the part horizontally, never vertically. It is worth making frayed pants, skirts, shorts or whatever you prefer.

How to distress jeans with a razor

  1. Mark horizontal lines where you want to cut the pants;
  2. Using the blade, make rough cuts in the markings;
  3. Turn inside out and pull the threads of the cuts with tweezers.

If you still don’t know how to unravel jeans with a razor blade, just press play:

A tip to cut exactly the areas you want is to make the markings while wearing your pants. So you get the right knee or thigh height, for example.

How to distress jeans with a scissors

  1. Cut off the hem of a pair of jeans using scissors;
  2. Turn the pants inside out and mark with a pen a space of 6 centimeters;
  3. Cut the bounded area into fringes;
  4. Wash the part in the machine so that it looks frayed.

This step by step to unravel the pants with scissors is used to make that bar with fringe effect, very modern. Watch the result:

This idea is great to completely redesign a tighter jeans. Combine fringes on the bar with some tears in the leg, it is very stylish.

How to distress jeans with scissors and tweezers

  1. Mark with pen the areas you want to cut, making straight bands;
  2. Cut the scratched areas with scissors;
  3. Using tweezers, remove the blue threads from the jeans, leaving the white ones.

This procedure is more time consuming and manual, but it looks amazing. The walkthrough below shows it right.

A good tip is to first test a small area in your pants or denim shorts before going out to cut everything with scissors. So you find out if you are easy with the technique and then you can apply in more places.

How to distress jeans with grater

  1. Mark the area on the pants that you intend to unravel;
  2. Scrape using the kitchen grater, making back and forth movements;

Among the tutorials presented, this one is one of the simplest!

Be careful, however, not to hurt your hands during the process. If necessary, protect yourself with gloves. This method is cool if you are researching how to unravel jeans on your knee.

How to distress jeans with a saw knife

  1. Take jeans and something to use for support, such as a piece of wood or another firm base;
  2. Using a saw knife, make cuts in the same direction as the wires;

This process is very quick to do, however, you have to be very careful with the knife. Watch the video tutorial:

Passing the knife aside also helps to give a nice effect on the destroyed areas of the pants.

How to fray jeans with a fork

  1. Take an old pair of jeans and cut off the legs, creating shorts;
  2. With scissors, make small vertical cuts on the bar (maximum 2 centimeters);
  3. Shred that area of ​​the shorts bar using a fork.

In the video it is easier to understand this tutorial. There is no secret!

In the video above you also learn how to unravel jeans using a brush. It is simple to do.

How to distress jeans with fork and knife

  1. Stretch the piece on a firm bench and place a piece of cardboard inside to avoid tearing both sides;
  2. With a saw knife, make two cuts horizontally;
  3. Use the fork to unravel the fabric;
  4. Finish with tweezers, removing the vertical wires.

If you are looking for practical tips on how to unwrap jeans on your leg, the tutorial below can help.

It’s worth letting go of the creativity of making as many shredded parts as you want. Sometimes just a little cut at the knee makes all the difference in the look.

How to distress jeans with a needle

  1. Make parallel cuts on the legs of pants using scissors;
  2. Turn the piece inside out;
  3. With a needle, pull the white threads. Cut out the blues.

Using this same technique it is possible to make straight and round cuts. Learn it:

This process of customizing the pants is not so fast, but the effort pays off. It looks like you have brand new jeans to make beautiful around.

How to fix ripped jeans that ripped too much

  1. Pass 4 threads of overlock thread on a sewing needle. Tie a knot at the end;
  2. Sew a parallel seam over the torn area of ​​the pants. Take care not to pull too much and form folds in the fabric;
  3. Finish with a knot.

If you have tried some of the tutorials above but think you overreacted, you can fix the torn pants. Look:

This tip also applies to pants that, with the washes, start to get more torn than you like. Cool huh?


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