Faded Black Jeans ūüĎĖ How To Prevent The Color Of Your Denim From Disappearing!

Between one wash and another, the color of our black jeans tends to fade, here are some useful tips to preserve the color of our dark pants for as long as possible!

Raise your hand, who does not have at least a pair of jeans in their closet! Jeans are a timeless garment, perfect for various types of occasions, and now cleared by customs even for more elegant looks. The blacks jeans importantly, they are a viable alternative to classic black trousers, to feel comfortable and always feel at ease in his spare time but also at work.

We know that denim is a very resistant type of fabric but unfortunately, the colors used to dye our jeans are not the same. In fact, in the case of black jeans, we often note that these tend to fade with the washes, losing that intensity of color that they had when we purchased them.

So what’s the secret to keeping your black jeans‚Ķ black?¬†In reality, there are some very simple methods, which will help us to¬†preserve the color of our jeans for longer.¬†If you are curious to find out how to say goodbye to faded black jeans, read on!¬†ūüėČ


To ensure that our clothes do not spoil easily with the passage of time, it is good to take precautions to keep them and take care of them in the best way. The first step is to pay attention to how we wash our clothes, especially if it is dark clothes, as in this case.

If you are used to washing your black jeans in the washing machine, you will surely have to mark these little rules to set up a wash that respects the color of your black garment.

As for the first wash of your new pair of jeans, it is advisable to do only a long rinse in the washing machine,  to allow the excess color to drain.

For subsequent washes, first, you will need to turn your black jeans upside down.  Then set a program for delicate items and always opt for low temperatures, therefore 30 or 40 degrees. This will avoid a too aggressive washing going to affect the color.


Also, always wash your jeans blacks with similar colors and finally do not dry them ever with the dryer but always prefer a classic dry in the open air (when possible).

When drying, make sure that your dark clothes are never exposed to¬†direct sunlight.¬†This, in fact, to prevent the sun’s rays – especially in the hot months – from going to discolor your head.


Another useful tip to keep the color of your beloved black jeans alive is to make vinegar-based prewashes. Vinegar is useful for preserving the color and also using it is very simple.

Just dip your black jeans in¬†cold¬†water, add¬†a¬†glass¬†of¬†white¬†vinegar¬†and a little¬†coarse salt¬†and leave to¬†soak¬†for¬†15¬†to¬†30¬†minutes.¬†Vinegar and salt will fix the color to the fibers and avoid any “color leaks”.¬†After that, air dry your jeans as usual.

Even during this process, it is advisable to turn your jeans upside down as an additional precaution. You can also use the vinegar as a pre-wash in the washing machine and immerse the jeans in the drum, filling it with water and vinegar before the washing cycle starts.

Vinegar can be used instead of fabric softener, to renew the¬†color¬†brilliance¬†of your jeans.¬†Don’t worry, the unpleasant smell will fade away with washing!

Girls, we’re not done yet!¬†In fact, we have other tips for you, to help you keep the color of your black jeans as long as possible.¬†Did you know that there is a vodka-based method?


To keep the black color of your jeans longer, you can also use special products designed specifically for the maintenance of colored garments.


These are color fixing detergents that can be used both for machine washes and for hand washes in hot water.

A useful solution is¬†the “color catcher” sheets¬†which, inserted inside the washing machine drum, will prevent your colored garments from releasing color which will then be absorbed by the other garments.¬†In this case, however, they will help you prevent your black jeans from fading.

There are also detergents specially formulated to keep dark garments of their original color and prevent them from gradually becoming discolored.

If your faded black jeans seem unrecoverable and now there is no way to bring them back to their original black color, before rushing to buy new ones, there is a trick that will save you on your budget.

In fact, you can always opt for a dye for fabrics. These are easily available and usable, they will refurbish even the most discolored jeans! 


A really particular method to save the color of your dark jeans, it will seem strange, but it involves the use of¬†vodka.¬†Are you curious right?¬†Let’s see what it consists of!

In this case, you will need to prepare a mixture consisting of half of the cold water and half of vodka. After that, you will need to fill a spray bottle with this liquid and spray the contents onto your black jeans, until they are completely wet.

After doing this,  put your jeans in the freezer and let them sit overnight. Obviously putting the jeans in the freezer, it will not go to clean them from bacteria, it will only reduce odors temporarily.

This technique is recommended to keep the quality of your garment intact and lengthen its life, especially as regards the brilliance of its color.

Girls, these were the tips to prevent your black jeans from fading. Did you already know any of these methods? Have you ever tried them? What are your tricks to preserve the color of your jeans for as long as possible? As always, let us know everything in the comments!


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