DIY: This is how you make a denim skirt out of old jeans

We all have them in the closet: the one pair of jeans that you have worn but that you cannot part with. Or that one pair of jeans that don’t quite fit you in terms of fit, but whose wash is so beautiful. Should you throw them away? No, no. You just turn it into a denim skirt.

Are you also crazy about skirts ladies? Now that the summer season is approaching, you will start thinking about new purchases – all those new dresses, pencil skirts, pleated skirts and other women’s clothing hanging on the shelves are fantastic. But cleaning up and sorting out your old clothes is just as important. Before stuffing it in a trash bag,  keep your old jeans handy for this fun tutorial.

What do you need?

  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 old jeans
  • 1 box of pins
  • 1 sewing machine
  • 1 skirt

How do you make a denim skirt?

# 1 Cut.  Cut all the hems of your jeans open. Then you cut the cross. Fold the two loose halves together. You cut the two halves down in a straight line.

# 2 Pins. Pin the two halves together.

# 3 Repeat. Repeat: repeat the two steps above with the other two pipes.

# 4 Fasten the pipes well. The legs should now be sewn together well. You should now have a large front piece and a large back piece. If you want to keep a split at the back, you don’t have to sew the halves fully together but keep a piece open at the bottom.

# 5 Get another skirt.  Place the two halves of your pants together. To determine the correct length and width of your denim skirt, take another skirt to place on top of the two halves.

# 6 Cut. Cut along the edges of the skirt. Do this slightly larger than your other skirt, because jeans do not stretch.

# 7 Pins. Pin the two halves together.

# 8 Sewing.  Then sew the halves together and voilà: your skirt is ready to be worn and paired with your favorite blouses, shirts or sweaters.


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