DIY: The 4 biggest jeans trends of the season for DIY!

Watch out for DIY fans: In line with the motto “Yourself is the woman!” We are now pulling scissors, needle, and thread and are facing a new challenge – to customize our old and boring jeans ourselves! Expert Elizabeth Radcliffe, Master Tailor at Levi’s London, explains how you can easily customize jeans.


1. Patchwork jeans

“Do you have old jeans that you no longer wear? Great, because for this type of individualized denim, different colored fabric remnants are sewn on. But before you sew the pieces of jeans, put them on top of each other: which arrangement looks best? “

Eye-catcher: patchwork jeans made of different colored denim pieces!

patchwork denim

2. Cropped jeans

“For this look, cut off the jeans directly over the ankle. With the mullet style, the difference in length should not exceed four centimeters, ”says Elizabeth Radcliffe. “Then fray the hem as you like: For short fringes, it is enough to work the hem with sandpaper. Do you want longer fringes, as you can see everywhere right now? Then carefully pull the white threads out of the hem. ”

Frayed jeans to make yourself:

3. Destroyed jeans

Radcliffe’s tip: “With a destroyed look, the more authentic the holes, the better. The ideal places are wearing points such as buttocks or knees. Work on the jeans with sandpaper until the material becomes thinner and cracks appear. Then they grow bigger by themselves. “

The Destroyed Jeans is perfect for everyone who wants to let off steam:

4. Patches

“The easiest way to customize blue jeans is by using a patch,” says Levi’s style expert Elizabeth Radcliffe. “Contrasting colors like red and yellow look cool. Many patches are only ironed on, but it is advisable to sew them on. Lettering should be plain, otherwise, the look will look too childish. “

Blue jeans can be pimped with cool patches:



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