DIY: Long Frayed Denim Shorts

So, I started researching sites and blogs and videos to get inspirations and ideas… until I managed to make the shorts I always wanted! After all, who knows, you know that frayed shorts are more expensive than normal… how absurd is that? And look how it looked:

fray shorts
Did you like it? 
So, lets do it!

First of all, let’s remember that you can’t feel sorry for your old shorts, because anything can happen, even going wrong can happen ..! ehehe. Well, I wore pants that were stained and cut to the size of my regular shorts.

Well, I’ll explain it step-by-step, okay? entitled to video even! haha ha.

1. You will need: Scissors, tweezers and shorts (any color, in this case I chose light jeans, and I had already cut it short to make a hem but ended up deciding to fray …);

fray denim shorts

2) If it is a pair of pants, measure with another one of your shorts to mark the right size;

diy fringe shorts

3) Then cut only a part of the front of the shorts, like this:

4) At the back, cut rounded ..

5) Now, take the tweezers and look for the little threads that are loose, if you don’t find it, keep pulling until they appear …

If you have doubts in these parts, see the video I made explaining:

6) Do both sides: front and back.

7) Shred as much as you want, long or short … after all you are going to use it!

And it looks like this in the body:

What’s up? Did you like it? Some looks to do with your new frayed shorts 🙂

I hope you enjoyed it… kisses from the blonde

Thais Claudino



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