DIY: Cut-off jeans with an undone look

DIY Cutoff Jeans

There is very good news for little people like me: Pants that are too long are cut off this season and worn in a stylish “undone” look. After the destroyed jeans comes the destroyed hem. So we no longer need a sewing machine to shorten the jeans. In a five-minute tutorial, I will show you how to adjust your jeans to your size, while being completely trendy.

The celebrities and fashion bloggers show on Pinterest and Instagram  with the hashtag #frayedhems as the “undone” hem is worn. The more fringes and the messier the finish of the jeans, the better. A mullet (short at the front and long at the back) is also allowed. The main thing is nice frayed, but never sewn.

Here’s how it works: Cut-off jeans with an “undone” look

For pimping your jeans you need the following material:

  • scissors
  • soapstone
  • slitter
  • pins

Preparation: Before you make the mark for cutting off the pants, wear the jeans in your apartment for a few hours. Flip the desired length and see if you like the length when sitting, walking and standing, preferably with shoes.

1. Desired length fix
with a pin you can fix the hem the desired length. Then turn the jeans on the left side and pin the trousers together. Now you can draw the cutting line with chalk.

Since the hem remains open, you do not need to add any additional seam allowances. I still added a few millimeters so that the jeans don’t get too short due to the fraying.

2. Length Cut
Now you can both legs together to cut with scissors. If you are not very precise here, no problem, it all falls under “undone” and is the way it should be.

3. hem fray
now is to fray the hem. The best way to do this is with a ripper by pulling out individual threads. The washing machine then does the rest. Washing will fray the hem even more with each wash.

Your pants are not only shortened now, they also look super trendy. Stupid only when the trend is over and we are wearing our jeans with a sewn hem again. But until then you have at least one season.



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