Different tips for repairing worn or ripped jeans

After being worn for several years, it is inevitable that traces of wear, such as a hole, appear on jeans. Before deciding to throw it away, you should still know that it is always possible to sew it up. Here are some techniques to fix jeans with holes so that you can wear them again for longer.

how to hand sew jeans

Repair a tear or hole in jeans by sewing

It is possible to hand sew a tear on jeans. However, for the seam to be strong enough, it is best to do it in the sewing machine. Here are some effective techniques for this operation:

Repair the tear by redoing the weft of the jeans

Remaking the weft of the fabric to repair torn or ripped jeans is the most effective technique since it is very solid and not very visible. To do this :

  1. Cut the filaments protruding from the tear to make it sharper;
  2. Iron the area to be treated to make it smoother;
  3. Cut a square or rectangle large enough to completely cover the tear or hole in old unusable jeans (the end of the fabric must extend at least 2 cm beyond the edges of the tear);
  4. Put the jeans inside out  ;
  5. Pin the end of the fabric to the jeans;
  6. Install a jean needle on the sewing machine;
  7. Put a thread of the same color as the jeans on the sewing machine. It is possible to find a special thread for jeans in haberdashery. The latter is very solid, and normally dyed unevenly so as to reproduce the effect of weaving;
  8. Set the sewing machine in straight stitch mode  ;
  9. Put the jeans on the right side to be able to see the tear;
  10. Start sewing starting at the edges of the tear. Make stitches, sew from bottom to top, then from top to bottom and always vertically;
  11. Do not cut the thread each time the top or bottom of the tear is reached. Instead, use the return button on the machine (if the sewing machine does not have a return button, simply rotate the fabric to sew in the correct direction);
  12. Sew in the same way over the entire height and width of the tear, making sure to extend a few millimeters over the edges;
  13. Once the entire surface of the tear is covered, cut the wires flush;
  14. Iron the seam lines on the right side as on the back of the jeans.

It is also possible to repair the tear with a zigzag stitch, especially for tears that are long enough, but not very wide. This involves putting the sewing machine in classic zigzag stitch mode and following the same steps.

It is important not to seal the tear by bringing its edges together during sewing, at the risk of causing folds to appear on the jeans.

Repair a tear or hole in jeans with a patch

This technique is the fastest and easiest. However, she is quite showy. To do this :

  1. Pin the patch over the hole or tear, making sure to completely cover the area and not leaving any thread protruding;
  2. Thread a thread of similar color to the edge of the badge in a needle;
  3. Tie a knot at the end of the thread;
  4. Sew the patch on the jeans.

To sew the patch correctly on the jeans, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Pass a hand inside the jeans and bring out the needle on the edge of the badge;
  2. Then plant the needle in the jeans, against the edge of the badge;
  3. Bring out the needle on the edge of the badge just next to the first point;
  4. Repeat the operation following the contours of the badge to fix it on the jeans;
  5. Once the patch is fully sewn, plant the needle inside the jeans and tie a solid knot with the thread, tying it with the knot at the start.

Instead of sewing this type of badge, it is also possible to stick it using textile glue. To do this :

  1. Make sure that the edges of the tear or hole are as clean as possible (cut the protruding threads and if necessary, wash the jeans);
  2. Install the patch on the hole or tear;
  3. Trace the contours with a felt-tip pen or a pencil;
  4. Remove the badge and apply the fabric glue around the area to be treated and not exceeding the traced outline;
  5. Install the jeans on a flat surface;
  6. Protect the inner part of the jeans where the tear is located by inserting a plastic bag or any waterproof material to prevent the glue from settling on other areas;
  7. Place the badge above the tear;
  8. Press firmly to distribute the glue well;
  9. Place a flat and fairly heavy object on the badge;
  10. Allow the glue to dry by referring to the drying time indicated on its instructions or its case;
  11. Remove the heavy object and the plastic bag once the glue has dried;
  12. Gently scrape off the adhesive residue  ;
  13. Iron the badge several times with iron and at maximum heat while pressing it firmly (without activating the steam of the iron );
  14. Let cool.

It is possible to reinforce the repair by sewing the patch after having glued it with textile glue.

The iron-on patches can also be used to repair a hole or tear in jeans. To do this :

  1. Pin the iron-on patch to the hole or tear, making sure to completely cover the entire area and not letting any tear thread protrude;
  2. Switch on the iron in maximum heat mode;
  3. Iron the badge by pressing firmly on it;
  4. Pass the iron several times over the badge;
  5. Once the iron-on patch is well glued, allow to cool for a few minutes to allow the glue to set;
  6. As soon as the patch has cooled, gently pull the edges to check if it comes off;
  7. In the event that the badge detaches, it is necessary to iron it again until it does not come off.

It is forbidden to use plastic pins during ironing. The use of steam from the iron is also to be avoided.


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