Destroyed denim: DIY Ripped Jeans Tutorial

All major brands now offer torn jeans  in their new collections. But obviously we can also try ourselves as jeans designers and dare the destroyed look. This is a great opportunity to show more affection for old, unpopular jeans – even if we have to torture them a bit beforehand. Below we show you how you can make destroyed jeans yourself.

Ripped Jeans: How To Do It Yourself?


  1. (old) jeans
  2. scissors
  3. pencil
  4. tweezers
  5. needle

First you draw the places where you want to make the holes in the jeans with a pencil. Don’t worry – the lines will come out when you wash them. Now you can cut the lines a bit with the scissors so that you already have the holes.

Now you have to be very careful: You tear the cuts slightly so that they become a little bigger. By not cutting them, it looks as if the holes were created by wearing them. Then you carefully pull out the “cross threads” with a needle. Watch out! Unfortunately, the threads break pretty quickly, so work slowly.

Now you carefully pull out the “longitudinal threads” so that there are actually holes in the jeans. Again, make sure that you work carefully so that the threads do not break.

Let your creativity run wild to have individual pants. You can make as many holes in the jeans as you like and design them differently: For example, we left the “longitudinal threads” in part for the second hole So you get an even nicer used look.

Now your self-made destroyed jeans are ready – it wasn’t hard to make a ripped jeans yourself, was it? Here are a few more tips on how to style different types.

Destroyed denim shorts

Destroyed denim shorts

Shorts can be easily conjured up from boyfriend jeans. The wider the legs, the better. The trouser legs should be cut so that they are a little shorter on the outside –  this flatters the leg. Design your torn jeans by fraying the ends of your pants. To do this, simply scrub the ends of your scissors. After washing, the ends also fray by themselves.
The destroyed jeans can also be worn perfectly in the cold season – just put on a thick pair of tights underneath and slip into some cool boots. In addition, a casual sweater or t-shirt and blazer – if it should be a little more chic.

Jeans with holes on the knee

Jeans with holes on the knee

Ripped knee skinny jeans with tears on the knees give every simple and casual outfit more detail and make it look a little more exciting. These destroyed jeans are particularly easy to make yourself: Simply turn the jeans inside out and cut a piece of fabric horizontally at knee height. You really don’t have to pay attention that the cuts become even, on the contrary: the used look is characterized by uneven cuts and fringes!

Heavy ripped boyfriend jeans

Heavy ripped boyfriend jeans

By heavy ripped boyfriend jeans we mean loose fitting pants with striking rags and tears. The pants are extremely comfortable and look super trendy. When combining this type of jeans, make sure to wear something simple – for example a silk top or a simple blouse with pumps. Otherwise, the look can quickly look overdone.

Frayed Hem Jeans

Frayed Hem Jeans

A variant that not only looks cool, but is also practical at the same time: the jeans with the frayed trouser legs. Perfect if the jeans are too long: We simply cut off the long legs and make destroyed jeans ourselves. It is casual if the jeans end above the ankle so that the trouser legs are seven-eighths long. So the frayed jeans end comes into its own.
There are no limits to the possible combinations with these jeans. For example, you can wear a long cardigan. This draws attention away from the leg to the feet and thus to the frayed ends. Espadrilles with ankle straps also have a relaxing effect.



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