Create an original cookbook

For those of us who like to cook, there is nothing more beautiful than sharing the tradition of our mothers and grandmothers, keeping a family notebook of handwritten recipes in the kitchen.

So today we are going to create one for us that we can give to our children. In this recycled recipe book we will keep the classic recipes, the ones we always make and everyone likes, and the newest recipes, which we find daily at Tu Hogar. But, in addition, we will use those worn-out jeans that have been stored in the wardrobe for a long time and that we find it so difficult to part with.

Do you like the idea? So let’s get to work and see how to personalize a notebook with recycle fabric to turn it into a recipe book.

You need

  • An old jean.
  • A hardcover notebook.
  • A silicone pistol.
  • Silicone bars.
  • Scissors.
  • A little piece of lace to decorate.
Materials for a recycled kitchen recipe book

Step by Step

Place the notebook on one of the pants legs and cut out a piece of cloth a little larger than the notebook.

Cut the jean bigger than the notebook

Cut one side of the fabric so that you can place the open notebook in half over the jean rectangle and that the seam exactly matches the spine of the notebook.

Cut the jean fabric into the notebook size

Trim the corners of the fabric and cut two triangles in the middle as well, just above the jean seam.

Cut the jean flaps

Place silicone along the seam of the fabric and glue the spine of the notebook.

Paste half of the notebook

Place silicone on the inside of the edges of the notebook to glue the flaps. In this way, the notebook will be completely lined.

Glue the flaps to the notebook

Now, cut out a denim pocket and glue it to the notebook cover with silicone.

Glue the jean pocket to the front

Finally, decorate the top of the front with a piece of lace and voila! You will have a notebook that you can use as a kitchen recipe book with recycled fabric.

Cookbook made with recycled jean

Now you just have to hand over the recipes and thus you will have in your kitchen a useful reminder of the ingredients and the quantities to prepare delicious dishes for your family.

Do you dare to try it? Find a jean that you no longer wear and get to work. It is very easy and fun to do.

Homemade cookbook

What is the favorite recipe that you will write first in your new recipe notebook?



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