Bleach jeans – how it works

Most fashionable jeans are bleached. But it is not always possible to get new clothes. One way is to make fashionable things yourself. We have therefore summarized how you bleach jeans.

Bleach jeans

How to bleach a pair of jeans

There are some tools you can find at home to bleach a pair of jeans. These include, for example, baking soda, chlorine cleaner, pumice stone, nail brush, and much more. 

  • One of the most effective ways to bleach jeans is, for example, the chlorine cleaner. Make sure that chlorine is not exactly environmentally friendly and relatively aggressive. 
  • Do not over-dose chlorine, as it removes color very quickly. Always wear gloves when working with chlorine. 
  • You can also decolorize your laundry with a special decolorizer. You can get this in the drugstore. You can read how to use the decolorizer on the packaging.
  • If you don’t mind destroying the fabric of your jeans, you can use pumice, sandpaper, or a nail file. You have to be patient when working with one of these devices. Also, note that the jeans will tear more easily in the areas you are working on because they are very thin here. 
  • If you just want to lighten your jeans a little, you can try baking soda. Pour about two packets of baking soda into the wash water.
  • Hydrogen peroxide draws water out of your jeans just like chlorine does. Make sure that you always wear gloves and only handle the fabric very carefully.
Bleach jeans shorts

How to bleach your jeans in the washing machine

If you want to use one of the liquid chemicals to bleach your jeans, either a tub or the washing machine is suitable.

  1. To bleach your jeans in the washing machine, first put your jeans in the washing machine as the only item of laundry. It is very important that you do not wash anything else.
  2. Start a 30-degree laundry program without detergent. 
  3. As soon as the water has completely run into the washing machine, put half a bottle of chlorine cleaner into the detergent drawer.
  4. Now let the washing machine run normally. As soon as the washing machine is ready, leave the jeans in the washing machine and start a normal washing program without detergent.
  5. Then hang the jeans in the sun so that they can dry well.
  6. Make sure that the stretch effect of your stretch jeans can be lost, as chlorine can destroy synthetic fibers.
Bleach jeans

How to bleach jeans without chlorine

An alternative to bleaching your jeans without chlorine is to treat them with hydrogen peroxide. To do this, you need either a 12 percent hydrogen peroxide solution or the Domestos toilet cleaner.

  1. Use a bucket or use the bathtub. Wear old clothes and rubber gloves during the process.
  2. Pour water into the bucket and add half a bottle of Domestos.
  3. Now put your jeans in the bucket. Breathe in the vapors as little as possible.
  4. Move the pants in the bucket several times during the exposure time. 
  5. Take the jeans out of the bucket and rinse them off with water until colored water is no longer visible.
  6. Place the jeans in the washing machine as the only item of clothing and wash them as usual.
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