Black pants faded? Make it completely black again with coffee!

When you put black pants in the washing machine a few times, you will notice that it is getting grayer. This is of course not what you want! That is why we started looking for a low budget way to make your old pants completely black again. And we found it, namely with coffee!

Photo by Mnz on Unsplash

Natural paint

To get pants completely black again, you could of course also use fabric paint. Unfortunately, this drug is not always good for the environment and sometimes also quite expensive. But did you know that coffee can also be a natural dye? You can make clothes darker with this. This does not mean that you can make a white blouse really black, but a few black pants will become much darker with a little coffee! 

You can also blackout other garments with this trick, as long as they are garments made of cotton, linen, natural silk or denim. Synthetic clothing is a lot more difficult.

Cups of coffee

Actually, this method is very easy. All you need is 2 cups of strong coffee. Put the pants in the washing machine and do not put in any other clothes. Then pour the two cups of coffee over the pants. Then turn the washing machine on to a rinsing program and you will see that the pants come out completely black again!

Don’t you have coffee at home? This easy trick also works very well with black tea. You also pour this over your pants in exactly the same way. The darker the tea, the darker your pants will become!

Coffee grounds

There is also another method of dyeing your pants with coffee. Namely with coffee grounds! To do this, collect a lot of coffee grounds and put it in a bucket of hot water. After about 10 minutes, the water will be very dark and use a spoon to remove the coffee grounds from the bucket. In this way, the water has become a kind of paint with which you can properly paint your pants!

Put the pants in the black water and let it soak for a while. The longer you leave it, the more effective it will have! Then remove the pants from the paint and place them in a bath with cold water. When you add vinegar to this, the paint will absorb even better. Take it out after 10 minutes and now you can put the pants in the washing machine. Note: do this on a delicate wash program with cold water and mild detergent!

A disadvantage of this painting technique is that the paint is not very permanent on it. The color will fade slightly with each wash. So it’s a very good temporary solution or if you don’t mind dying your pants a bit more often!


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