54 Amazing Ways to Reuse, Repurpose Your Old Jeans

Do you have old fashioned jeans in your closets? And you don’t know what to do with it? Given the price they cost, we always hesitate to get rid of it …

What if we gave them a second life?

Because the fabric of the jeans, the denim, is super resistant, very soft and has a casual look.

So we can use it for lots of super cool and easy DIY projects. Plus, you don’t have to be a sewing expert!

Here are 54 amazing ways to reuse your old jeans . No more waste and room for recycling! Look:

how to reuse old jeans to make new clothes

1. Turn old baggy jeans into skinny

Do you have old jeans whose shape is no longer fashionable? It is much too large. You can turn it into skinny with just a few seams. This tutorial will guide you step by step. You don’t have to be a very good couturier to get there, you’ll see. I’m not talking to you about the savings you will make!

2. Bleach and decorate old jeans

Bleach and decorate jeans
Bleach and decorate jeans
Bleach and decorate jeans

Tired of wearing the same jeans as everyone else? Why not take old jeans and personalize them? To do this, simply soak the lower legs in a little bleach to discolor it. Then draw pretty patterns with the permanent marker. And now, voila. You can follow the tutorial here.

3. Draw on your jeans with a bleach pen

Bleach Pen Jean Art

It’s a bit the same idea as the one above, but this time you’re going to draw with a bleaching pen. It’s up to you to be creative! You can do this on your denim pants, but also on a denim jacket or skirt.

DIY Instructions and project credit: Goldfishkiss

4. If the Jeans Are Too Big… Here is the trick to make it the right size

If your jeans gape at the waist, we finally have the solution for you! Just take an elastic band and sew it at the back belt.

5. DIY Picnic Quilt from Old Jeans

DIY Picnic Quilt - from old jeans and fabric scraps.
DIY Picnic Quilt - from old jeans and fabric scraps.

This is a bag-mat that can be carried everywhere. Ideal for picnics, yoga, mediation or just for your baby. It is easy to make with a patchwork of old jeans by following this tutorial.

6. No-Sew Mini Blue Jean Purse

adorable little jean purse

Here’s a cute little idea to create a wallet for your children. And in addition, it requires almost no sewing. Cut the pocket and the top of the belt of old jeans, fold the belt and pierce to put a handle. Add pressure and decorate. Discover the tutorial here.

7. Make trendy jean bangles or chokers

trendy jean bangles
trendy jean chokers

Another idea very easy to realize and really original. You can create a nice bracelet with the hem of old jeans, and some ribbons. Even no need for seams, a glue gun is enough. Discover the tutorial here.

8. Convert old jeans into lace hem skirt

Recycle old jeans into a skirt with lace
Convert your old pair of jeans into a chic skirt with lace
Convert old jeans into lace hem skirt

Here is a pretty skirt made from old jeans. There is nothing more simple. Cut the jeans just below the bottom of the zipper, then add as many rows of lace as you want to get the right length. Superb, isn’t it?

DIY Instructions and project credit: stranamam.ru

9. Make a little apron from old jeans

apron from old jeans
craft apron out of your old jeans
jean aprons

Perfect for DIY, this little apron with pockets will come in handy. In addition, it is easy to make, without any seams and it is safe because you can wash it as much as you want. Discover the tutorial here.

10. Denim DIY Wrap Bracelet

amazing denim bracelets
denim bracelet

Same technique as for #7, you can create pretty personalized bracelets with old jeans hems. You just have to stick a glitter braid or buttons to form flowers.

DIY Instructions and project credit: dragonflysandstars.blogspot.com

11. Pretty Denim Fabric Flowers

Denim Flowers
denim "mums"

To make these pretty flower brooches, you just need to cut small diamonds in old jeans. Then roll them up and stick them in a circle so as to form a flower. Find the full tutorial here.

12. Jean corsage, it goes with lots of the outfits

Jean corsage
The pairing of the denim and the pearl beads

Another pretty floral brooch but of a completely different, more romantic style. Very simple to make too, because there is no sewing to do. Find the tutorial here.

13. Turn old denim shorts into elegant skirt

denim shorts into skirt
Turn Jeans into Skirt

Tired of your old fashioned, ripped or really worn jeans? And if you turn it into skirt? Nothing could be simpler, find the tutorial here.

14. Turn the legs of your old jeans into fabric baskets

Denim Fabric Baskets Tutorial
DIY Easy Denim Basket - How To Sew

Practice these small baskets to store all your small things instead of leaving them lying around. Very useful for sewing, the office, in the bathroom … The pattern even offers 3 basket sizes.

15. Make a Simple Pillow Out Of Old Jeans

Jeans Pocket Cushion
pillow out of your old jeans
cushion covers

What if old jeans became a beautiful cushion cover? From the simplest to the most elaborate, we can give ourselves to heart. Find the tutorial here.

16. Make a textile cuff using a pair of old jeans

denim cuff

I love this original cuff with all its ornaments. I do not hide from you that it is a bit long to realize, but this tutorial will guide you step by step.

17. Make a Rope Basket with Recycled Denim

If you have old frayed jeans and don’t want to throw them away, here’s the DIY idea for you. Tear strips and weave them to make a nice little basket to put fruit for example.

18. Make a Reversible Placemat

denim placemats

I love the striped effect on these denim placemats. They would make a lovely hostess or housewarming gift.

DIY Instructions and project credit: scratchandstitch.com

19. Small pocket for your iPod

iPod keychain case tutorial

How about having a handy little pouch to carry your iPod? And in addition, it hangs on your key ring: you will always have it on hand. To make this pretty pouch that closes with a zipper, follow this tutorial.

20. Make a “Tattooed” Denim Jacket

personalized denim jacket

You can customize an old jacket with fine point markers. It’s a bit long, but the result is worth it. Here is the procedure to follow.

21. Make a Denim Corset Top

Recycled Denim Corset Tutorial

I love corsets, it gives a little glam touch to any outfit. Here is the tutorial to make a corset from old jeans. A good way to create your own look.

22. Turn Your Old Jeans into a draught excluder

draught excluder

With the leg of old jeans, you can easily create a door flange that prevents the cold from passing in winter. It’s simple to do and it saves on heating costs in winter. Here is the tutorial here.

23. Create an amazing denim covered pencil can

pencil holder

Do you find pencil pots a bit dull in general? So why not customize them a little? Besides, it’s really easy to do. Take an empty tin can and stick jeans on it. Then you can decorate it as you wish.

DIY Instructions and project credit: craftsbyamanda.com

24. Make a Kid’s Apron

Apron from Your Old Jeans

If your children tinker a lot, it is sometimes necessary to prevent accidents and stains with an apron. You can make them a nice apron adapted to their size with old jeans. And when it’s too dirty, just throw it away. Discover the tutorial here.

25. Cute Pumpkins From Old Jeans

Halloween denim pumpkins

To decorate the garden in the fall, especially for Halloween, you can make pretty pumpkins with old jeans. It is not very difficult to do, thanks to this tutorial.

26. Upcycle Old Jeans Into a Gym Bag

The jean fabric is extremely resistant, so it is ideal for travel or sports bags. And yet, I never imagined being able to make one myself by recycling jeans. Discover the tutorial here.

27. Denim Heart Bookmark Made From Repurposed Jeans

Denim Heart Bookmark

Do you like to read? And you love the original bookmarks? Then this tip is for you. You can make a pretty heart bookmark by recycling old jeans (the tutorial is here).

28. Make a Recycled Bib for a baby

Baby bib

The bibs are washed almost after each meal. So we need a good stock made of a resistant fabric. And jeans are the ideal fabric because they are really solid. These bibs are easy to make. Choose an old piece of soft jeans and watch this tutorial.

29. Make a Denim Rag Wreath

Christmas wreath

Fancy an original Christmas wreath? So here’s an easy one. Arrange strips of different jeans on a support and decorate with flowers or ribbons, according to your tastes.

DIY Instructions and project credit: restyledjunk.com

30. Convert Old Jeans into a Trendy HandBag


How about having a nice original handbag made from recycled jeans? Here is a quick and easy tutorial to create, even if you are not a sewing pro.

31. Make Denim Accessory Hangers 

denim closet organizers for scarves

Jeans bands, shower curtain hooks , that’s all you need to create these clothes rings. It is enough to make a hole in the strip of jeans to pass the hook there: it is the same system as a buttonhole.

DIY Instructions and project credit: msrachelhollis.com

32. Make a bag using the wrapped clothesline method

Denim Bag Tutorial

This pretty bag is only created with the seams of old jeans put end to end. Ultra easy to create and customize as desired. Discover the tutorial here.

33. Making a Mini Skirt

Turn Jeans Into a Mini Skirt Tutorial

Nothing is easier to do than a skirt, even if you are not a sewing pro. And if in addition this skirt recycles old jeans and a few pieces of fabric, I say YES! It is up to you to decide what look you will give to your skirt according to the fabric, the color, the material, the length that you will choose. It’s up to you to play with this tutorial.

34. Recycled Denim Balls for Kids

Denim Balls

It is a project that can intimidate novices in sewing, but it is not so complicated thanks to a step-by-step tutorial. The choice of jeans is ideal for a ball because it is resistant to all kicks and other mistreatment caused by children, while being gentle on the feet.

35. Denim Beads – Tween girls will love this project


Roll up small strips of jeans and paint them with acrylic paint. Then, thread them on a wire to finish the necklace.

DIY Instructions and project credit: craftsbyamanda.com

36. Denim napkins – little fashion recycling idea

You liked the placemats in #18, so why not complement them with these napkins? Just cut a square from old jeans, double it with another fabric if you want and make a hem. Nothing could be simpler and more practical to avoid buying towels.

DIY Instructions and project credit: yourpocketstylist.blogspot.com

37. Denim necklace – jewelry from your old jeans

Denim necklace

Jeans do not rhyme with elegance in most heads, however, this magnificent necklace could make you change your mind. In addition, it is really simple to make with this tutorial . With the hem of old jeans, make small tubes that you will stick around a pearl on a small round of fabric.

38. Make A Denim Scatter Rug

Here’s how to create a nice rug with scraps of old frayed jeans with a very simple tutorial. You can even dye certain pieces of jeans to personalize your carpet.

39.  Beautiful Blue Denim Whale

Denim Whale

Here is my favorite project among these 54 ideas to recycle old jeans and give a second life to this denim fabric. By following the instructions, even a beginner in sewing can make this beautiful blue whale.

40. Make a lunch bag

For carrying your meal or wrapping a gift, these denim pockets are perfect. Very easy to make with this tutorial, you will not be able to do without it.

41. Christmas ornaments

You will need: denim, batting, buttons, jute, & burlap.

42. Pretty denim ring

Simply sew a few pearls on a denim ring and you will have a pretty hippy-chic ring.

43. Make an upcycled denim pouf

denim POUF

A little longer to do but the result is worth it, right? For a terrace or a child’s bedroom, this is ideal. Discover the tutorial here.

44. Fun Patches for Boys Jeans

Draw a flag or a pretty shape with the fabric of old jeans. Perfect for making a piece for sewing on a hole, for example.

45. Create fun pot holders and mitts

Resistant, washable, the denim fabric is perfect for making potholders. You can customize them as you wish.

46. Make a large denim tote bag

denim tote

Need an elegant and casual bag that doesn’t fear anything? So here is the beach bag you need. In addition, it is very easy to make thanks to this tutorial.

47. Make a Pillow out of Jeans

Open the leg of old jeans in half, then sew it to make a cushion cover. Embellish with a belt for finishing.

48. Make a Fashion Jeans Bag

Very simple to do with the leg of jeans. Cut it, close one end and add a belt to close it: nothing easier.

49. Original and stylish chair with a soft seat cushion

50. Denim Sunburst Textile Art

The process of making the wall hanging is very simple, yet very time consuming.  I simply cut old denim jeans into small rectangular pieces of all different sizes.  Most of the strips were thinner than 1 inch. Then I began to sew then one by one onto a fabric backing.  You can easily do a pre-layout design, or you can be like me and let the piece evolve on its own!

Recycled Denim Sunburst Textile Art

51. Denim Wine Bags

52. Cozy slippers made from an old jeans

53. Denim iPad/tablet cover

54. Make a denim feathers

denim feathers

Your turn…

Have you tested these tips for recycling old jeans? Show us your achievements!


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