20 great ideas to recycle your old jeans

If you are used to wearing jeans, then you should definitely have some in the back of your closet that is too worn for you to put them on again. However, this does not mean that you should throw them away, on the contrary! Indeed, the jeans that have accompanied you for many years can still serve you by being offered a whole new life as useful and/or decorative objects. Nothing could be simpler, just let your creativity and your manual talents speak! Witness these 20 wonderful ideas that should definitely convince you to keep precious old denim pants for recycling.

1. Covers to customize your children’s chairs

2. An original magazine rack

3. Pretty Christmas decorations to hang in the tree

4. The tic-tac-toe game in reusable and washable version. 

A great idea to spend pleasant moments with friends during the aperitif!

5. Customizable aprons

6. Saddlebags to store your children’s toys

7. A cover to store your laptop and its accessories

8. If your children like to play prince or princess, make them a unique crown that they can use as much as they want!

9. Saddlebags of different sizes to store things as diverse as they are varied

10. Christmas slippers to hang on the fireplace

11. An original rug that can be perfectly integrated into a child’s room

12. Cute cubs for your kids

13. A support for placing a teapot

14. Take advantage of the pockets of your jeans to make a wall storage system with many locations

15. A practical and aesthetic little bag to take your snack

16. A clever place mat for harmoniously storing cutlery and napkins

17. A designer pouffe that will adapt to the rest of your interior decoration

18. Economic coasters

19. An aesthetic basket that can accommodate everything you want

20. A basket to store your fruit


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